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The Hiddur Mitzvah Project - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an event?
We're really easy to work with. To set up a Hiddur Mitzvah event, simply use this project order form. All materials you need can also be found on the resources page.

How much does this cost?
For a group project, the pieces made are available at a 25% discount off our suggested retail price. For example, one of our yads will sell in a store for $100. Through the Hiddur Mitzvah Project your cost is $75. To be considered a group project we require a $500 minimum purchase which, to use the yad example, would be seven participants each making a yad. You may do a smaller project, even an individual item, at full retail price of the item. A deposit of $250 is required at least two weeks before your project. If you are doing a project smaller than $500 the deposit is half of the cost. If Gary is attending your event as a visiting artist, a minimum deposit of $1000 is required. If you are interested in a visiting artist program please contact us. We also add a small shipping charge to cover shipping you the materials and shipping the finished items back to you.

How much is shipping?
Shipping charges cover shipping you the materials and shipping the finished items back to you. The cost varies depending on the size of your project and location but is usually not very expensive. Single projects begin at $18. Because of bulk rates, larger projects are generally not much more. You are responsible for shipping the completed kits back to us for finishing.

What items can I make?
Currently there are twenty different items from the Gary Rosenthal Collection that you can create through the Hiddur Mitzvah Project. You can see them all, along with prices and descriptions, on this page.

What makes the program a mitzvah?
We think that all Jewish ritual pieces required in mitzvot should be as aesthetically pleasing as possible in order to glorify G-d and his commandments. The activity can also be easily used as a catalyst for other mitzvot such as using our Twinning Project to create Judaica to be donated to those in need. The project can also easily be used to raise funds for tzedakah. We believe that the very activity of creating beautiful ritual pieces of Judaica that can be used for generations brings community together and strengthens ties to your religion and heritage. We also feel that our program can be easily tailored so that it can be used for your specific needs and it can be a component of a larger event. Click here for program suggestions.

How can this be a fundraiser?
There are a variety of ways in which your organization can use the Hiddur Mitzvah Project as a fundraiser. Because there is a 25% discount off suggest retail on Hiddur Mitzvah items, you can charge participants the full retail cost of the items, or any other markup you want, and keep the difference as a fundraiser. You could charge a small fee to participate in the project, regardless of what pieces are made. The finished items could be sold through your organization at a markup of your choosing, or auctioned off at a community event.

How long before the event do I have to contact you?
We can set up a project with as little as two weeks lead time but to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and we can get you the materials on time you can contact us as soon as you know when you want to hold your event. Even if it is months ahead of time we can put you on the calendar and you can get in touch with us to work out more of the details as your event nears and you have final item counts etc.

How should I promote my Hiddur Mitzvah event?
Our resources page has some sample event flyers and images you may use. If you would like assistance in creating a flyer, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

How many people can participate?
As many as you would like! Usually the bigger, the better since the project really works well as a community building activity, but you can do a project as small as one kit. It can be a great family activity. If the project is below the $500 minimum, we charge the retail cost of the item instead of the Hiddur Mitzvah discounted price.

What ages are these projects appropriate for?
The Hiddur Mitzvah Project is appropriate for anyone age 6-106 and can be a great intergenerational or family activity. For children under six we offer a modified version of the program where items can be made from paper so that young hands do not handle the glass. You can learn about the preschool program here.

Are the included glass pieces sharp?
No. It has been tumbled so it is closer to something you would find on the beach rather than the shards from a broken mirror. We've never heard of anyone being injured by the glass from our projects. However, it still is glass and common sense should be used such as keeping it away from faces.

What materials will you send for a Hiddur Mitzvah Project?
We will be sending multiple kits for making mosaics along with bags of tumbled pieces of multi-colored glass. Each kit consists of a blank glass template attached to a card. That is where you will glue your mosaic pieces. The glass pieces will come in large zip-loc bags. During your event the glass pieces should be spread out across the center of the tables to make it easier for participants to find the pieces they like. We typically send extra kits to cover any that might break in shipping and walk in participants or someone who decides they would like to make another item. You will only be charged for the kits you make.

What materials do I need?  
Basically, you’ll need a room large enough to accommodate your group, large flat tables with white paper tablecloths and white craft glue like Elmer's.   To send the materials back to us you will need plastic wrap for wrapping the finished pieces. It is helpful to save the packing materials that came with the kits. If the boxes are still in good shape you could repack them but if they show any signs of shipping damage please use new boxes to ensure that your kits get back to us safely.

How long does a Hiddur Mitzvah event take to complete?

The project takes anywhere from ten minutes to an hour depending on the participants. Some may glue a couple dozen random pieces of glass down and call it a day while others will spend ten minutes just hunting for that one perfect piece to include in their design. It's important to let everyone work at their own pace as much as possible. If another component is included in the project, such as a lesson about Tzedakah, you can adjust your time to include that. When you’re ready to plan the nuts & bolts of your project, our resources page has materials that can help you plan and promote your event.

How exactly does the process work? How does my activity produce a finished product?
In a nutshell, you will glue glass mosaic pieces onto a glass template however you like. You send it back to us and we do the rest. For a detailed look at what goes on behind the scenes of the Hiddur Mitzvah Project, check out this page.

How do we send the kits back?
As you unpack, make note of how they are packed as they should be sent back the same way. Once the kits are complete, let dry completely and stack the mosaic cards no more than ten high, wrapped in plastic wrap in the same way they came. Pack up the boxes with the finished and dry mosaics along with any unused materials and send them back to us. It is helpful if you label the outside of the box as a Hiddur Mitzvah Project. A place like Mailboxes etc. can take care of the packing and shipping or you can just mail the package however you would normally mail a package.

After we send back the kits, how long until we get them back?
This depends on the size of your project and how busy we are at the time. Generally you will get your finished pieces back within two weeks.

How do you keep track of whose project is whose?
As we remove the projects from the kit cards we write the name of the creator along with an event code unique to your project on the back of the glass. The ink is made to be heat proof so it will not come off in the kilns when we fire the glass and once the finished sculptures are assembled the writing will be hidden.