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About Gary Rosenthal

Gary Rosenthal

Gary has been sculpting in welded metals for over thirty years. Together with a team of talented craftspeople, he creates one of the most popular and unique lines of Judaic art in the country by combining copper, brass, and steel with brilliant fused glass. The handcrafted collection has a contemporary style rooted in tradition and inspired by the rich history of the Jewish people, celebrating beautiful, functional art.

Beyond being just a sculpture studio, Gary and his team pride themselves in being a company that combines business, art, and social responsibility.  The studio employs a number of autistic craftsmen who contribute valuable skills and are instrumental in creating the very special woven copper mezuzot that have quickly become best selling pieces.  The Hiddur Mitzvah Project isn't the only way Gary uses art as a catalyst for good deeds and a way to build community. The Glass Ribbon Project is a powerful way for those who have been touched by breast cancer to join the fight against the disease. The Kristallnacht Project memorial is the latest project designed to use art as a catalyst for good. 

Work from the Gary Rosenthal Collection has been presented to Presidents and celebrities from Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton to John Travolta and Ben Stein. The Collection can be found throughout the world in many fine galleries, private collections, and museum shops.

Listen to Gary's interview on Your Jewish Neighborhood - 02/08/08

Gary can even come to be a part of your program as a visiting artist. Visiting artist programs are dependant on the size and location of your project and Gary's availability. If you are intersted in a visiting artist program please contact us.

"He is bringing the Jewish community together. You have a Jewish artist who is so inspiring coming here to do this kind of program. It is incredible just to be in the same room."
Fern Jaffee
Quoted in The Dallas Morning News

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