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Dor L'Dor - Keeping the Light Alive from Generation to Generation

Make your own Sabbath candlesticks - $88 including all s/h

Imagine an evening with your grandchild, working together to create the glass for one of these very special Shabbat candlesticks, to be passed on for generations to come. For years, thousands of people across the country have created custom, heirloom Gary Rosenthal Judaica through commmunity Hiddur Mitzvah Projects. Now we're making it easy to bring this meaningful project into your home.

We make creating beautiful custom fused glass easy for anyone - you provide the Elmer's glue and imagination and we take care of everything else.

About the Hiddur Mitzvah Project

What's included: With each kit we include a glass template on cardstock which has all needed directions printed on it. We also send a variety of glass mosaic pieces. A shipping label is included to send back the finished work as well as any unused material. Once it arrives at our studio we will fuse your glass in a kiln, attach it to the hand-made metal candlestick and ship the final piece back to you.

Offering these kits as indivdual projects is a new concept for us. Depending on how well the process works we may offer more items as individual kits as well, but for now the candlesticks are the only piece available.