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Project Resources

Important: We sometimes add or discontinue items - please make sure to check available products or the project order form when planning your project as flyers or brochures may be out of date.

Project Order Form
and Agreement

Product Order Form

Customizable Product
Order Form

Print these forms, fill them out, and send them in to us to set up your Hiddur Mitzvah Project event. This form is ready to be printed out and distributed to your participants so that they can order which Gary Rosenthal pieces they would like to make. We reccomend printing it as a two sided piece with the included product sheet so participants can see what the items look like. If you are not charging the Hiddur Mitzvah price for the items made at your event (if it is a fundraiser, or a small group) this form is easily editable so that you can put in your own prices and any other details that you would like to include before printing.
Project Order Form and Agreement Product Order Form Customizable Product Order Form

Customizable Promotional Flyer

Sample Event Flyer

Before and After Event Instructions

A simple save the date flyer that you can fill in with your own information and then print out. Here's a sample event flyer to get you started with yours. If you need help with promotional material please don't hesitate to contact us. (Prices and items may not be current. Please refer to our order form and product list when making a flyer for your event). Step by step instructions to make your set up and clean up simple and easy.
Customizable Promotional Flyer Sample Save the Date Flyer Before and After

Media Packet

Program Brochure

Included are hi-res images of each of the Hiddur Mitzvah Products, logos, and a short press release about Gary and the Hiddur Mitzvah Project. Note that this is a large file and may take a little while to download if you are on a slow connection. Please be patient. Download the hi-res Hiddur Mitzvah brochure.  
Hiddur Mitzvah Media Packet Program Brochure